Fun new photo stuff.

This is not new to real photographers, but it’s new to me. It’s this thing called TTV, which is when you build some kind of box and use your SLR to take photos through it. The photos come out textured, grainy, and kind of vintagey-looking. I downloaded a bunch of digital TTV layers today to use in Photoshop and have just been playing with it for a few minutes. Here are a few photos that I doctored using the layers. There are literally hundreds of different TTV layers that people have created and are free to download on the internet. These are just a couple of examples using three different layers. I know most of you prefer clean photos…so this probably isn’t your thing. But for the artsier of my readers, you might enjoy these…

The last one is of a cute little guy I got to meet this weekend while I was in the Bay Area for a wedding. This is my friend Suzanne’s son, Peter. He’s sweet and a total ham for the camera. At least, as much as a seven month old can be. He started smiling as soon as he saw me pull the camera out. Apparently he’s had some practice…

Look at those eyes!


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    The first and last pictures would look AWESOME printed on metallic paper. Their eyes would be so amazing… even more than you think they are now!

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