Sunday, October 10, 2010

A sneak peak

My new entryway locker cabinet, inspired by this one by Ana White. Not quite square but not bad for my first shot at furniture building. Ready to prime and paint.

And, proof that I actually DID do it all myself.


  1. holy crap man! that looks awesome!! it looks professional. What did you do to make the drawers at the top? are they full out drawers or just on hinges or something?

  2. Oh HOW FUN!!!! I love it! I took wood shop for two years in HS and can't remember a thing. I loved it though.

  3. Bri, I'm jealous that you took wood shop in high school. I should have taken that and auto shop. Those would be a lot more useful than whatever I took instead. What did I take, anyway??

    Michael, it doesn't look so professional up close. One important lesson I've learned is to always use straight boards. :) Especially on the important elements.

    For the drawers, I made boxes without the fronts, slid the boxes in and then attached the fronts so that they were centered (mostly) in their holes. Hopefully that makes sense. They look terrible if you pull them out and inspect them, but they look okay when they're pushed in.

  4. Hill, you are absolutely amazing!! It looks fantastic and I'm totally impressed.... When your dad told me you'd made a cabinet for that area, I thought it was going to be a little one - no way thought it would be a full size cabinet. Way to go!!!

  5. You took CHOIR in high school!! hahaha! And I was there with you and I wished I had taken woodshop and autoshop too... which is why I ended up taking both in grad school. ;) You did GREAT! I'm super impressed!

  6. At least all those hours of choir are paying off for you now, Stacy! I'm not using my voice at all. But I am using saws and sandpaper and wood glue. :)


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