Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The to-do list

Our to-do list is getting longer and longer. It started with things we knew we wanted to do after getting home, like gutting and re-doing the kids' bathroom, our bathroom, the upstairs carpet, Brynn's room, re-arranging furniture and rooms, a new tv and massive entertainment center, ripping out the deck and replacing it with a patio...are we tired yet? Or just broke?

Let's add to the list.

The two sets of French doors downstairs, which we had been planning to replace with energy-efficient sliders for a long time, now must be replaced immediately. Here is the door on the good side:

Here is one on the bad side:Yeah, um...oops? We don't know how or when it happened, although the current hypothesis is that a rock flung out from under the mower while Scott was mowing and shattered the window.

Here is the saddest part: I really, REALLY love the window treatments (ahem, expensive custom window treatments) that are on those doors. And I don't know what I will use to replace them. I guess curtains, eventually. For a while, nothing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Lasts

We had a little case of "the lasts" during our final week in San Pancho. Like...the last time we'll eat at Tacos con Amor. Very sad. The last time we'll pay the phone bill at an ATM. Not so sad. The last day of school. Sad enough to make us cry.

Here are a few photos from our favorite last events. And things.

The last dip in Grandpa's pool.

The last sandy nose.

The last party on the beach.

The last time pulling off of Nueva Galicia. Appropriately, the Cow Bell Garbage Alarm man was walking up the street shaking his bell at the same time. 6:20am.

Of course, shortly after Scott left, we had our last spider. He was about the size of my hand. Well, maybe the size of Brynn's hand.

Last dinner. Waiting for enchiladas at Eva's Tacos. Between the three of us, we ate eleven and a half enchiladas. Not proud of myself for that.

After dinner on the beach, we had our last play time/photo session on the beach.

She's saving some of that enchilada for later. A la Uncle Nick.

Last time watching the surfers.

Last cirrus clouds.

Last sunset.

Sunset + Eva's agua de limon = smiles.