Artistic liberties

I’m pretty sure the tree I painted on the wall of Brynn’s room today is not an accurate representation of any species of tree anywhere. Upon witnessing my work of art, an arborist would probably roll his eyes and sigh.

Artistic liberties, my friends. Artistic liberties.


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    I remember reading an article about an accomplished painter (alas, the name escapes me currently), who said that often in her work, she would purposely adjust proportion and “perfect” representation to convey stronger emotion. your tree does just that . . . it looks gentle and friendly, as though it’s just waiting for some brilliant little birds to come and sit for a spell . . . .

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    So funny…I was thinking that I needed to add a little nest with some babies and a mama bird, or even just two happy birds together. I’ll have to find a bird silhouette to copy!

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