Monday, April 11, 2011

Renovation A.D.D.

I am sure it is clear that I am having a hard time sticking to working on JUST the basement these days but, I tell you, if I have to spend more than a few days down there at a time, I might go nuts. Especially when the work involves popcorn ceilings and dimensions that may or may not be big enough to fit a standard-sized bathtub. Don't even ask.

So this weekend I took another small detour and built this. It solves the "I've got NOWHERE to store TP!" dilemma that our powder room has been facing for years (and years and years).

I also painted the powder room. Goodby garish red, hello soft and soothing grey-green.

The red was so awful I couldn't bring myself to take before pictures. Trust me, it's much better now.

Fore more details on how I built the tower and the finish...just in case you're interested...check out my brag post on


  1. It looks like it could double as a bedside end table. Looks fantastic!

  2. I was thinking that too, Liz! It's just the right height for a bedside table. I'll eventually build something different for that bathroom, I think, and then this will need to find a new home.

  3. Hillary I made nearly the same tower in a teeny tiny size for exactly the same spot (you might have seen it over at Ana's). Great minds think alike.


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