Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Gossip Bench revamped

As you may remember from this post that a few days ago, I went dumpster diving for this little beauty.

Okay, so it wasn't much of a beauty when I grabbed it off that trash pile. But I've been working on it. Originally, I thought it would do well to fill a little empty space in our family room. I thought it might be a convenient place for Scott to charge his laptop. But the longer I stared at it (and I do stare at things like this) the more I believed it should be in a little girl's room. And where would I find...oh, yeah. I've got two little girls' rooms upstairs. How convenient.

This morning, after repairing, filling, sanding, sanding, sanding, cleaning up dust from said sanding, priming, and painting, this is what this cute little piece looked like:

I call that color "butter yellow" but Valspar calls it "antique white." Clearly a mistake on their part. I think the color is beautiful and calm and sweet, but when I looked at it with the fabric I wanted to use for a little cushion on the seat, I was underwhelmed.

Although the fabric doesn't read quite right in this photo (those red flowers are definitely pink in person) maybe you can see what I saw: it was just a little blah. Maybe I should preface this whole discussion with this: I decided the bench needed to go in not just ANY little girl's room, but CALLIE's room. Here is what Callie's room looks like:

Although the walls are calm, the rest of Callie's room is full of color. It is vibrant, happy, loud, unexpected...just like Callie. So sweet, kind, meek "butter yellow" was not going to do for that little bench. Plus, it was too close to the butter yellow on Callie's walls. I needed something with a little more punch. Something that shouted "Callie!" as soon as you saw it.

And so this morning, before I upholstered and attached the cute fabric seat, I re-painted the bench a color with a little more pop. When Callie got home from school, she fell all over herself in excitement. In other words, I got it right.

Any guesses on the color?

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