Santa’s Workshop

My home has been feeling a bit like Santa’s workshop lately. These pieces will make a few little girls (and their dolls) very happy this Christmas.

The piece above was finished in Sherwin-Williams classic ivory and sealed with Vermont Natural Coatings satin PolyWhey sealer. It was built from a modified version of Ana White’s farmhouse doll bed plans out of 1×2 and 1×3 furring strips which lend it rustic farmhouse appeal.

The mattresses are made from bio-based foam from Hobby Lobby.

This farmhouse bunk and trundle were built from the same plans out of the same wood and sealed with the same PolyWhey sealer. The PolyWhey raises the grain of the wood a bit (especially where it coats knots), so it is a good idea to use sanding sealer first or expect to apply multiple coats of PolyWhey with sanding in between

The high chair fits dolls smaller than 18″ and is a great fit for stuffed animals. It was built from Ana White’s doll high chair plans out of #1 pine 1x2s with scrap pine for the seat and tray. It was also sealed with PolyWhey and required sanding between coats to get a smooth finish.


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    Hi I love what you did with Ana’s farmhouse bed!! I was wondering if you can help me with making bedding?? Please!! i made this bed for my daughter and I have NO clue on how to make the bedding for this bed, I found tutorials on pillows, mattress, but no comforter.. thank you!! LOVE WHAT you did with this!! I especially love the bedding!! PLEASE HELP!! happy holidays!!

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    Hi, Jennifer. I just cut two rectangles of fabric a few inches bigger than the bed, sewed them together wrong sides facing out and left a small opening at the foot end. Pressed the seams open, clipped the corners, flipped it right-side out, pressed again, and topstitched around the perimeter. Very simple! Good luck!


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    Thanks soooooo much!! your a doll, thanks that sounds really easy! Imma try it out!! I will post pictures when done!! thanks again!! I don’t think I can make em look as good as your, your bedding and bed are beautifully made!! thanks for the luck im going to need it!! hee hee! thanks again…

    Happy Holidays!


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    Wow, that is beautiful!!! I really appreciate the advice on finishing, that’s the scariest part for me! Did you find a tutorial for how to build the bunk and trundle or did you figure it out yourself? I was looking at Ana’s doll bed plan but I’ll need a bunk/trundle version to accommodate my daughters dollies. I built Ana’s Mom’s Lego Table last year with a lot of hand holding from my Dad, I think I’m ready for my next adventure! :) Did you need the Kreg jig thingy? I don’t have one yet but maybe I need to invest in that first. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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      Hi! Thank you. I figured out the trundle for myself, but I think I included info on it in my brag post on Ana’s site. Yes, I use the Kreg Jig religiously. I started with the Kreg Junior which is only like $40 and used it for about a year and a half before moving up to the full Kreg set. Good luck!

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    Hi, i was wondering if you could make me one of those bunk beds for my dolls (minus the trundle) i have saved up about 100 dollars, could u sell me one please :)

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      Hi there! I wish I could but I won’t be able to make any more furniture for a few months because of other projects I’m working on. It might be a great project for a local high school wood shop student, though!

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