This month’s drink of choice

As with everything in my life, I seem to go through phases with what I drink, especially what I drink in the mornings. As a kid, it was Instant Breakfast. (Can you sing the jingle? Carnation Instant Breakfast….you’re gonna love it in an instant!) Later in life but before I was a coffee drinker, it was just orange juice. Then it was espresso and then lattes and then cafe au laits and then while we were in Mexico it was fresh squeezed orange juice. Lately it’s been just french pressed coffee with a dash of half and half, but about two weeks ago, Scott and I went vegan.

Yes, vegan. As in no more half and half! Oh, the terror!

We’re not planning to be vegan forever, but we are really enjoying it for now and believe that some of the good habits we are creating now will continue as we slowly add some animal products back into our lifestyle. Scott is sleeping better than he has in years, maybe better than ever. We’ve both lost some weight and have plenty of energy. Part of our purpose in going vegan has been to reduce our consumption of foods that are not beneficial for our health or that are low in nutrient density. We’re not eating processed foods in place of animal products; we’re eating whole veggies, fruits, legumes, and a few grains.

Coffee is one of those not-so-healthy things we’ve mostly dropped. Yes, you can say it has some positive antioxidant qualities, but I think that is mostly justification for drinking something that we like. And I do like coffee. And I still drink it, but not as much as before.

So my drink of choice lately (especially at night, but also on chilly mornings) has been hot water with a bit of honey and a wedge of lemon. Today I added a slice of ginger to it, also. For now, it is satisfying, warming, and feels clean.


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