Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm diving in

I'm finally doing it. I'm diving into social networking. I've been using Facebook for a while, just for my own personal entertainment and time-sucking, but I'm adding The Friendly Home to FB now too. And Twitter, which I've resisted for sooooo long.

But here's the thing. There are so many interesting stories out there and Twitter and FB seem like great vehicles for discovering and sharing and discussing those stories. Like today, I read a post from the Environmental Working Group about why some companies that make household cleaners (ie: Method) are unhappy with their EWG rating. It's not a post that is worthy of my commentary on the blog, but it's something I'm interested in and you might be interested, too. So I retweeted/shared it on Twitter and Facebook.

I also find that sometimes I'm doing things around the house that don't deserve a whole post (like making a super-antioxidant dinner to offset inhaling VOCs all day). Those are things that I'd like to share with you. But not here.

So here I go, diving into the world of social networking with my little blog...hoping that together you and I can discover new cleaner ways of living, entertaining, learning, eating, raising our kids, and improving our homes. I've posted FB and Twitter buttons over there in the right sidebar -- click on them so we can hang out together!

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