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Sunday, November 4, 2012

{juice} Double Dare

I'm sure that this admission will date me, but I'm going to go ahead and say it anyway. I used to watch Double Dare. Do you remember Double Dare? That kids' game show on Nickelodeon? Maybe I didn't really watch it; maybe it just happened to be on tv when I was home, and I happened to see kids getting buckets of green slime dumped on their heads when they answered a question incorrectly or failed a DD challenge.

When I was looking for a name for this juice recipe, DD came to mind immediately. Green slime. That's what it looks like. The color, at least. Not so much the consistency, since it isn't slimy at all. Actually, it's refreshing and tart and packed with nutrients.

I make this juice the same way I make most of my juices. I put the first five ingredients through my juicer, then transfer the juice to my blender and add the last ingredient. In this one, spinach gets added at the end. It creates some foam, but once it sits in the fridge for a few minutes, the foam dissipates and all that is left is lovely green juice. This recipe makes about 3 medium or two large juices -- enough to share.

What a way to start your week! Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The end of a lifelong struggle

I've struggled with my weight and my body image my entire life. I've never been obese, but I've always been overweight. Even in high school when I was at morning and afternoon swim practices, probably swimming as many as 8000 yards a day, things were never quite right. I played sports year round and was always an athlete, but always carried extra weight. I didn't eat candy, I didn't drink soda, I didn't eat typical junk food or much processed food. My mom said I was fine and my doctors said I was fine, so I didn't worry too much about it. I just never felt great about myself and I always figured someday I'd shed the extra pounds.

But, I was never willing to do anything difficult to get there. I'm still not, actually. I am not and never will be a runner. I despise running. I love food and am not willing to feel hungry. I can't make myself throw up (although I did try, probably like most teenage girls who are unhappy with their weight). Once in fourth grade, the meanest boy I know called me a "110 pound whopper." I don't think I weighed that much and I know I wasn't huge, but I still torment myself with that comment.

My struggle is over. Do you hear that? I'm done. Not because I no longer care. Not because I've decided to restrict my calories. Not because I'm exercising myself to death. I haven't done anything extreme. I've just tweaked my diet a little bit. That's all it took.

My diet has changed from the majority of calories coming from animal products, grains, and oils to the majority of calories coming from plants. I use significantly less olive oil than I used to and recently I completely removed chocolate from my house (that was hard, actually). I did not get rid of cocoa powder, mind you, but chocolate.

For the past four or five years, Scott and I have only been eating meat as a main course three or four times a week, and it was always from local ranches and farms -- never from the grocery store. But we never cut out cheese or milk or completely eliminated meat. And, actually, we still haven't gotten rid of them completely, but we did cut way, way back.

When I say the "majority" of my calories are coming from plants, I don't mean 55%. I mean like 85-90%. I mean the vast majority. Scott and I started by going 100% vegan for six weeks. We didn't rely on bread, pasta, and other grains to fill us up. We filled up on salads and veggies and beans. We significantly reduced our olive oil use. We mixed nuts into our salads and we started to juice veggies. We were not hungry. We did not count nor restrict our calories. In the first three weeks, pounds of fat literally disappeared from my body. I lost about 14 pounds in the first three weeks. Things slowed down after that and I've slowly continued to lose weight since then even though I'm no longer trying. I'm down about 25 pounds now and today, for the first time ever, the weight listed on my driver's license is accurate.

Not that I meant to cheat when I got my Colorado driver's license eight years ago. I think I was close and was headed toward that weight. But then I had Callie and never made a conscious effort to get back to my pre-baby weight. After going plant-strong, I'm now below my pre-baby weight and in the healthy BMI range for the first time in my life.

This was in June. I'm down another 8-10lbs since then!
I will never be a tiny person. I will never be skinny. That's just not who I am. I am 5'8" and built like a tank. A feminine tank, but still, I'm the cliché "big-boned" person that every fat person thinks they are. In high school my friend Gretchen and I used to talk about how our hips were built for twins. I never had twins, but the doctor who delivered Brynn said I have "the Cadillac of uteruses." Brynn was born 9lbs 14oz. We are not small people.

Will I always kind of wish I were that little person? Yes. Do I realize that my build is not related to my health? Yes. And I am so thankful to have found a healthy lifestyle.

If you're interested in learning more about a plant-strong lifestyle, I'd suggest that you start by reading Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat to Live. That is where we started and it turned our ideas of health upside-down. The book has several testimonies from Dr. Fuhrman's obese and really sick patients (ie: diabetes, heart attacks, super high blood pressure) who used his plan to get healthy. We didn't relate so much to those stories, but the rest of the book was packed with information that is useful for anyone. I also read (and purchased, which is big for me) Fuhrman's book Disease Proof Your Child. It is a great guide to getting micronutrient-dense plant foods into your kids and setting them up for a lifetime of health. It's not so much about weight-management as it is about preventing diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. I've paged through The Engine 2 Diet and think it is totally on-target. I own the new Forks Over Knives cookbook -- it is vegan, plant-strong, and super accessible. No weird ingredients. The Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentaries are really motivating and available for instant watching on Netflix.

Have you changed your health lately? Or dropped weight without struggling? I'd love to hear about it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{juice} Royal Flush

I've been playing a bit of poker lately, so when I made this beautiful purple juice and realized that I'd juiced 5 ingredients (it wasn't until later that I blended in the sixth ingredient), it seemed like Royal Flush was a fitting name. So, no, it's not named for what the juice does to your body...that is, unless your body isn't used to eating veggies. Then this juice might cause you to experience a royal flush.

I'd love to blend some kale or spinach into this juice, along with the blueberries, but I'm always afraid to blend green with purple because it makes...brown. Ugh. I try to keep my green juice green and my purple juice purple.

When I've got super fresh beets, I juice the beet greens, too. These greens had seen better days, though, so I left them out. I scrub the beets well before I juice them -- I'm not a fan of grit in my juice. Most of my beets and apples fit into my juicer uncut, but occasionally I need to halve or quarter them to get them through the chute.

Be careful with this juice -- it is refreshing and tasty and maybe a little bit addictive. Kinda like poker.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

{juice} Rose-Colored Glasses

Juice has become kind of a big deal in my life over the last four months. In fact, when we're away from home for a few days, Scott and I start to crave juice. We drink it daily or almost daily; sometimes I even use it as a meal replacement when I'm too lazy to make food. I use the Breville Compact juicer and I mostly juice green stuff like kale, cucumbers, and celery mixed with yummies like ginger, apple, and lemon. Sometimes I combine the juice with whole berries or spinach in my blender.

But then CSA season arrived.

For me, CSA season means an abundance of beets which I don't really care for. In fact, I still have some roasted, frozen ones in my freezer from last summer. But guess what? When you juice beets, they're awesome. Beets are nutrient-dense and their juice is a beautiful ruby color.

I have been known to drink juice that is the color of mud, but I prefer not to.

So today when I created this gorgeous concoction and realized that it was tasty, too, I knew I had to share it with you. It's the prettiest colored juice I've made so far, and it made me feel happy. Optimistic. Like I was seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.