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Hydroponic Weed Systems

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Hydroponic weed systems refer to a means of weed growth that does not require the plant to source nutrients from the soil by itself. This easiness of feeding & not having to bother itself with the struggle for water, sunlight & other nutrients leads to an improved harvest — in this case, healthier, more flourished leaves. With the availability of hydroponic systems, weed farmers are assured better produce in return for even less effort.

However, as brilliant as this invention is, the market has been saturated — majorly with substandard systems. Thus, a farmer who squeezes out money to embrace this technology may end up with an inferior product & consequently experience no significant growth or turnover.

My name is Sean & my job is to ensure that you never buy a bad product. I use all hydroponic systems, so you can select only the finest. This is my review of the four best hydroponic weed systems of 2021.

Best Hydroponic Weed Systems

WEPLANT Hydroponic Growing System


  • Safer due to low voltage use
  • Quieter & more durable brushless operation mode
  • More efficient
  • Makes the most of space
  • Saves electricity


  • Square holes & square net cup

The parent company of this product, “WEPLANT,” is well-known on online marketplaces & it is therefore understandable that this product has a rating of over 4.0 on Amazon. The WEPLANT Hydroponic Growing System is a hydroponic fertilizer that is operated on a timer circulation. The system operates on a low voltage & so saves you a large portion of your electricity bills. This system also has a brushless operation mode, which means little noise when putting it to use.

The most impressive thing about the WEPLANT Hydroponic Growing System is that it is equipped for every step involved in the planting & harvesting your weed. Their growth is supported right after they are moisturized & there are no difficulties with maintenance throughout their life cycle. The product is relatively easy to use, considering that it comes with a comprehensive guide that shows how to operate things. There are four layers arranged on a row, each layer consisting of 9 holes to plant in.

Assembling the product is fair enough, too, although you may find the square holes & square net cup challenging. Some packages do not come with their cups, and getting square cups for these holes can be costly.

This aside, the WEPLANT Hydroponic Growing System offers good value for money. The fertilizer works well on weed, with my plants growing quite fast despite the low effort inputted. This is not a bad product to buy.

Viagrow Deep Water Hydroponic 4-plant System

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Viagrow VDIY Bucket Deep Water Culture Hydroponic 4 Plant System, Black

Last update was on: 2 February 2023 05:10



  • Attached PH kit
  • Water level indicators in buckets
  • Mesh lid for easy cover
  • Simple, effective drainage system
  • Impressive versatility of arrangement


  • May be difficult to assemble

The Viagrow Deep Water Culture 4-Plant System is a hydroponic system that engages a bucket setup. As the name may suggest, this DWC system has 4 Viagrow 6 inches net pot lids, four buckets of 5 gallons each, 10 liters Viastone grow rocks, pre-drilled air hose tubing, 40 feet uncut tubes for clean air for flexible placement, and arrangement of growing buckets. These buckets feature water level indicators for precise measurements and are made from 100% safe materials. There is an accompanying kit that indicates the level of PH in your setup. Red depicts a low PH level. Blue represents a too high level of PH. A color ranging from yellow to green indicates the ideal level of PH.

The Viagrow Deep Water Hydroponic 4-plant system offers excellent value in return for its money. The purposefulness of the product is remarkable, same as its ease of use. The system achieves its purpose too. With a mere fraction of the water quantity you’d need for soil-grown crops, and your herbs grow fast while maximizing yields. Water can also be easily drained courtesy of the tubes that indicate water level.

To grow, all you have to do is plant your weed in the grow rocks, and that’s it. When you do this, the bucket covers automatically while your plants are aerated by abundant oxygenated air bubbles. Without a doubt, this system is a good bargain at $109.

However, the technicality involved in assembling the Viagrow hydroponic system can be tasking. It took me some time to connect all the tool components, and while the result was worth the stress, I still think that the procedures involved in the setup can be much simpler.

Viagrow Complete Ebb & Flow Hydroponics System

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Viagrow Complete Ebb & Flow Hydroponics System (O.D. 53” length X 53”...

Last update was on: 2 February 2023 05:10


  • Amazingly easy to set up
  • Simple to operate
  • Premium materials
  • Adjustable height
  • Optimized available space


  • The overall rims may not fit

If the word “Viagrow” reads familiar to you, it is because Viagrow is also the manufacturer of the 2nd product described above. This can only mean one thing. Viagrow is a leader in the hydroponics industry, and believe it when I say the company does excellent with the Complete Ebb & Flow system.

First off, this is arguably the easiest hydroponic system to assemble in the market. The product comes with a flood fitting kit grow rocks of 50 liters, 1 gallon of nursery pots & submersible pump poly tubing 25. Similar to the Deep Water Culture system but unlike it in assembling. The system is set up like a table containing 25 pots to plant it, and the drain subcomponent is positioned underneath it. That’s all, and that’d explain why tens of thousands believe this is the easiest system to set up.

The ease of use is very remarkable too. The legs to the table are adjustable, or you may even take them out completely to use what you prefer. I have to say that the legs are quite tall, so they may have to be reduced if you’re farming indoors to allow your plants enough space to grow. That aside, the conveyance of water, oxygen & nutrients to your plants is automated, so you have nothing to do with any operation. All you need is to keep an eye on your table & ensure the plants get adequate light.

The Viagrow Complete Ebb & Flow Hydroponics System offers a commendable value for money to wrap things up. Weeds grown using the product grew rapidly, had optimized yields, smelled & tasted better, and showed improved nutritional value.

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General Hydroponics GH4120 WaterFarm Complete

Last update was on: 2 February 2023 05:10


  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Remarkable aesthetics
  • A lot of beans to go round
  • High-grade bucket quality


  • May cause little issues if not tightly fitted

The General Hydroponics GH4120 WaterFarm is brilliant at first sight. It is easily one of the systems you look at & are quickly convinced of its usefulness. Assembling the product was very easy; in fact, it is the easiest to set up among all the hydroponic systems on this list — meaning that it is arguably the easiest in the market right now. The components were pretty basic: buckets, tubes & drainage. Connecting the buckets with the tubes was, of course, easy; just fix the pipes & that’s it.

This product also ensures excellent ease on the user’s part. First, the simplicity of the setup means that you definitely won’t have problems with the use. Just put the beans (that the company provides) in the buckets & connect them with electricity. Second, there is a comprehensive how-to in the box that explains how to conduct all operations. Before I got mine, there were complaints about the air pump being unsuitable, but I didn’t experience the same. I made sure that every fitting (fitting the brown tube in the larger tube in particular) was perfectly done & the pump worked just fine. Someone else followed my recommendation & he had no problem with the pump. So, I think many people don’t take the time to see the complete process through.

Speaking of value for money, this is quite a useful machine. With the fittings all appropriately done, you’re guaranteed excellent plant yields. All I was doing after setting up the system was changing my nutrients every 7–10 days. The result was outstanding. Plants are healthier & the yields more encouraging. The General Hydroponics GH4120 WaterFarm is, without doubt, one of the very best — if not the best.

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What to Look for When Buying a Hydroponic System for Weed

Easy to Use

The ease of using a hydroponic system is an important consideration when making a choice. First off, a farmer unfamiliar with hydroponics may not operate the highly technical products, plus who even wants a system that demands a lot of expertise to use?

One of the key reasons for switching to hydroponics is to make farming much easier. Sure, a difficult-to-use hydroponic system won’t require you to fetch soil (amongst other things) but having to tweak the system may be a lot of job for some of us. The systems on this list don’t demand a lot: just change the nutrients when it’s time to & regulate lighting.

Easy to Assemble

A system that requires the expertise of a professional to set up causes higher expenses. With all hydroponic weed systems having the same purpose, it is hard to justify what needs to be handled by someone else while others can be assembled by their end-users.

Assemble your product yourself will put you in a better position if you have to correct any deficiency along the way. But if you can’t even put up your system, how do you expect to complete even the simplest repairs?

Value for Money

Lastly, you have to consider the value of money. This has always been a necessary factor to look at before buying any product & that’s not changing with hydroponics. Before choosing a system, answer the question: “what is this hydroponic weed system offering me in return for my money?” An excellent hydroponic system for weed should make your operations easier & hasten up the germination of your herbs. What else, there should be maximized yields & healthier produce.

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The influx of hydroponic weed systems in the market gas made it difficult to select a good product. This article avails you with the four best products you can find now, as well as offer a buying guide to follow.