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Palm trees have a special place in people’s lives. Their prevalence and multiple uses make them very interesting for all meridians. In addition to producing delicious fruits, palm wood is used to make various decorative items.

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Palm trees grow wild, mostly in tropical and subtropical regions. Two types of palms grow wild in Europe. The small date palm in the western Mediterranean (Chamaerops humilis). In Crete and sporadically along the southwestern coast of Turkey, an endemic species of Cretan date grows.

Palm trees are tree-like (sometimes shrub-like), often very tall plants, usually with an unbranched, stepped trunk. All the leaves are gathered in a large bud at the top of the tree, forming a tufted crown. The trees are covered with larger or smaller leaf scars. Some Asian species have thin, springy stems and grow like creepers.

The leaves are large, spirally arranged, fan-shaped, or pinnately divided.

Numerous flowers are collected in large flowers that most often emerge from the axils of the leaves. Initially, they were dressed in unique accessories, similar to a large leaf (spatha). The props are green, very rarely in any other color. Flowers are usually unisexual, sometimes bisexual, and plants are occasionally dioecious. Pollination is done by wind (anemogamy) and with the help of insects (entomogamy).

All of the above makes them very interesting for producing decorative items for the home. 

Palm tree bathroom accessory

Almost no details for the bathroom cannot be made from palm wood, wicker, and the like. From this material, you can earn (or buy) supports and holders for soap and shampoo, towels, make shelves, or even a “fence” for the shower cabin.

The fine texture and discreet color of palm wood have the characteristic of easily fitting into any environment, and the quality of this wood guarantees the longevity of the objects made from it.

The roughness of this wood makes it ideal for building floor coverings. Also, a “grid” will stand in the shower cabin or floor mat next to the bathtub to prevent slipping when you get out of the shower. So, practicality and aesthetics in one product.

Modern trends related to the return to nature and environmental awareness impose natural materials as the ideal choice for construction. Primary products that will replace plastic and all its sub-variants. After all, while plastic was widespread, many objects were made of natural materials – wood, for example. We are returning to our roots and realizing the importance of using those materials.

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Palm tree party decoration

Palmwood has found an exceptional use for decorative purposes – even for celebrations. The base consists only of natural or artificial wood planted in large pots so that it is a decoration.

However, it is increasingly used to build objects outdoors or indoors in the entertainment industry – for various celebrations, receptions, cafes, and restaurants.

Palm wood is suitable for making various fans, diaphragms, shades, decorations, chairs and tables, and many other items. The low hardness of the wood itself facilitates its processing and formation of various shapes. Objects of the most complex shapes and forms can be easily created from the palm tree.

The structure of this wood allows it to receive and absorb paints and varnishes very quickly, so it is not a problem to get the desired colors. When you add it all up, it is not difficult to conclude that palm wood is ideal for almost all applications in the entertainment industry. What’s more, palm wood fans have been trendy in recent times.

Palm tree bedroom decor

Palm wood is also used in the bedroom. This material is also used in other places besides classic and well-known lamps and other creations related to light sources (chandeliers, lampshades, etc.).

For example, wardrobes, bedside tables, changing screens, a table, a chair, and a makeup mirror frame can be made, as well as floor coverings instead of classic textile coverings.

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Window curtains can also be made of palm wood, which gives the overall ambiance a specific – “natural” look. Moreover, the classic canopy can also be made from strips of palm wood. The appearance is exceptional, so the palm wood shaped like this can be found in the most exclusive and avant-garde places.

Palm tree kitchen decorations

The kitchen is one of the few rooms in an apartment or house which can withstand an unimaginable combination of materials equally well. It is the same situation with palm wood, which can find multiple uses in the kitchen – from pieces of furniture to holders for dishes and cutlery, lampshades, and floor coverings.

Why floor coverings? Such mats do not slip, and it is known that water, perhaps oil, or any other fat is often spilled in the kitchen.

However, that’s not the end either: palm wood is used to make decorative items, such as plate holders, candle holders, or wine baskets. In short – whatever you can think of that has any practical or ornamental value, most such items can be made from palm wood.

Just look at the selection in stores specializing in home decor items! You probably have never paid attention to how many of them are made of this material, and when you study it, you will surely be surprised at the extent to which palm wood is used to produce such items. In a wide variety of shapes and colors.

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